next publication of my first paper book but, very calmly, nobody goes after me …

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2017 For the moment I will dedicate soul and body to the publication of my book, (FOR THE MOMENT I AM STILL) I do not have time sincerely want to exhibit at the fairs … I did it because they gave me the chance to do it without paying the last part … If I They will propose interesting places “we will see”, but I prefer not to show my works to the general public, thanks to everyone!

Sorry but, from now on if I will have to participate in some collective or personal I will want a contract with specified “all” instead with the last collective to the museum I have not pretended nothing trusting me and I did badly as usual they have not inserted the NAMES OF PARTICIPANTS AT THE COLLECTIVE, not even the invitation in the Museum website is as if we did not exist … and until the end of 2020 I will certainly not take a euro on any sales (LOGICALLY THE PART THAT WILL MEAN ME FOR LAW) because since 2014 I evolved them for a targeted * benefit * that is, I will go in person to give them “BREVI MANU” to those who really do not arrive later this month, thanks to all of the understanding.