2018 – Competition “Sony World Photography Awards 2018” with ten of my Gushes of … Life



The NeoartGallery curated by Dr. Giorgio BERTOZZI and, the art historian Ferdan YUSUFI.

Artists will be present:

Zehra Başaran, Ugo Maria CIONFRINI, Luigi COLOMBI “Conte”, Davide FRISONI, Musa GUNEY, Hale KARACELIK, Laura MIGOTTO, Neveser ÖZENBAS, Hector RIGEL, Evren SEZGIN, Emre YUSUFI (group exhibition) from 1 to 2 October and 7 9 October.


Tivoli Scuderie Piazza Garibaldi. The NeoartGallery curated by Dr. Giorgio BERTOZZI, Giancarlo CANEVA and art historian Ferdan YUSUFI
The catalog of the exhibition, edited by Giorgio MONDADORI, (group exhibition) from 17 to 25 September.
http://www.neoartgallery.it/pdf/quintessenze-tivoli-2016/  on page 40 and 41 there are my two works: “Miraculous … 50s” and “T-Rex …” one of my ” Zampilli of … Life “.

2016 – Article of “Our Village in June


2016 – photo contest LensCulture Magnum Photography Awards 2016″.




The photograph titled: “Balls from … bowling” was misinterpreted by a judge who told me via email that it was a trivial photo and did not want to make controversy but, He did not understand that they were not really two bowling balls but … two simple grapes, in my opinion if you do not have a sensitive soul on some things there is little to do they do not get there.

2016 – photo contest Lens culture portrait-awards-2016


2016 Euro Export Art

2015 International Contemporary Art Expo

  • Curated by Giorgio Gregorio GRASSO and the art historian Mattea MICELLO centrale Taccani in Trezzo sull’Adda from 1 August to 31 October 2015. In collaboration with Enel partner Expo 2015. ( group exhibition).

I participated in law by being among the first three, in the first biennial of contemporary art of facebook in the photography category. (With the “Microphone … years ’50” – 120 cm x 80 cm on aluminum with frame in the back)


  • Will be present with his “Zampilli di … Vita” art exhibition – Reggio Emilia curated by Giorgio BERTOZZI and art historian Ferdan YUSUFI; Neoartgallery Cultural Association, (group exhibition) from 26 to 28 September.

I exposed the Zampilli di … Life: “the mysterious man who gives … to eat poodle”, (1,00 mx 0,70 cm) “the monster of the snow …” (0,75 x 0 , 50) “The Ermellino …” (0.75 x 0.50) “The Bear … and the Horse” (0.45 x 0.30) “Medusa …” (0, 75, x 0.50)

2015 – Emotions of art

  • Curated by the art historian Sveva MANFREDI ZAVAGLIA at the Aldobrandeschi castle Colacchioni di Capalbio with Cristos BALOUKOS, BASTIANELLI / CARDELLINI, Ana BERBEL, Nadia BERGAMINI, Sara CAPOGROSSI, Marco Esteban CAVALLARO, Ugo Maria CIONFRINI, Laura CULTRERA, Georgeta GRABOVSCHI, Dario MAZZEO, Paola NAPOLEONI, Maria Rita ONOFRI, Jean Francois PARVEAUX, Donatella PAUSELLI, Francesca PENNESE, Betti RELLA, Maria Pia RELLA, Giulio RIGONI, Fulvio ROTTICHIERI, Adelaide SCAVINO, Sabrina SIMONCINI, Danilo TEAGANO, Valentina ZELLI ( group exhibition), July 18.


2015 – The Biennial of Photography year 0

  • Curated by Prof. Vittorio Historia dell’arte SGARBI, artistic director Giorgio Gregorio GRASSO and organizational director Dr. Luca FABBRI. The inauguration will be on 20 JUNE 2015 at the “Taccani” power station in Trezzo sull’Adda, Milan metropolitan city. End of the event on July 31, 2015. I will participate right in the “Microphone … 50s” 1.20 x 0.80 mounted on aluminum, framed in the back. As it came from the top three at the “International Art Biennial on facebook” (group exhibition), July 5th.



per minute 2,22 – 2,23 you can see my “Microphone … 50s”


Trusting a black and white with strong contrasts is the evocative feature of this shot … the “Microphone … 50s” as well as being a tribute to the past, is a happy technical insight that fixes the subject on black textures Almost as if he emerged from memory to share his instant memory. The imaginative find of staring at what you see, to make even more visible, confirms the bizarre and imaginative universe of Ugo Maria CIONFRINI’s photography. – Rosanna MELE (art historian)

December 21, 2014 I decided to unveil the “secret” of my last discovery, inherent in nature.Everything Flows” is a part of the horse, a superb, elegant animal, somewhat crazy as me and fantastic in all its glory. (Exactly sweat under the saddle, after a gallop ride)


  • Rune of TUTTO… SCORRE (Everything Flows …) went to the exhibition in the State Library of the National Monument of Grottaferrata, Monumental Complex of the Greek Abbey of San Nilo, Escherico Monastery of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata – Basilian Monks, with 100 works Of 50 artists and more than 3000 visitors during the exhibition period, Neoartgallery Cultural Association presents Quintessenze 2014 With Giorgio BERTOZZI and art historian Ferdan YUSUFI, critically acclaimed by Marina PESCATORI (group exhibition), 13 December.




(The “Everything Flowing Cat” appears from 40 ° to 42 ° second)

2014Tutto … Scorre (Everything Flows … )

  • Without presentation, he wanted the photographs to be presented alone. – Rome, SanSaba22, via San Saba, 22 A – thanks Marco and Rita ROSCIOLI of the Ancient Forno Roscioli, Via dei Chiavari, 34 (exhibition only), 26 November.

2014 – Tutto … Scorre (Everything Flows … )

  • On November 24 for a few intimate friends I made my first personal show at home and it was a good event, unfortunately I could not invite the “world”.

From a joke of her friend Selena, to take a tour of her work, she decided to do a traveling exhibition for the city of Rome starting for a few close friends from her home, and secondly for the general public through SanSaba22 a rib would go to Grottaferrata and finally in the Talenti area in Rome.

2014 – Article The Bulb, February 17.


We have hospital – photography: life pushes.

Article by Ugo Maria CIONFRINI – Guest Guest of La Lampadina.

  • My friend Beppe Zezza – in fact he is my mother’s friend, a matter of registry – is my esteem. He enrolled me among the recipients of the Bulbul’s newsletter and are months that “tamps” asking me to write an article describing my artistic inspiration. “The Light Bulb” – he says, and I must recognize it with reason – always dedicates a space to art and is therefore a suitable place. “

But talking about oneself is difficult for an artist: what drives him is an “inner fire” but talking to him in the tones he “feels” inevitably rises to appear “over the lines”!

For friendship with Beppe, I try.

Who I am? A photographer. A photographer is curious. For this innate curiosity, when free from the (harsh) commitments that life imposes for the necessity of bringing together bread and something else, I have always turned with the Reflex to fix environments, colors, characters that impressed my imagination.

One day I found myself in front of a fountain and I began to look at the water bubble and there was a “strange” fact: my attention was attracted to the colors that played around To him and I felt like a voice, coming from the “same” he called me. Then I took the Reflex, mounted the tripod and started shooting. The zampillo was no more inert matter but a living creature that took new and fantastic aspects from time to time. Awesome and … exciting thing.

Photographic technology has made it possible to translate the emotions I have tried in an “objective” way and allowed me to share and convey them. Great is my satisfaction when, in the numerous exhibitions in which I have exposed the best of my shots, I see in the eyes of the visitors the same amazement I felt and try.

My hope (or illusion?) Is that the attitude of curiosity regarding the life and its hidden aspects that distinguishes me and that is the soul of my work can be transfigured in those who look at them.

Some notes that visitors have attached to exhibitions in sign-books may serve as an example: “I have found what your eye has seen and reinterpreted for those who do not see!” “In the millennium of a second is the” Form “of nature”. “Only a very careful eye is able to perceive what the common eye can not even see.”

In the image attached to this article I give you an idea of what I do ..

At my next show you will be all invited! To see and … comment.

Ugo Maria Cionfrini

2012Zampilli di … Vita (Gush of … Life)

  • Presentation by Prof. Stefano PAPETTI Historical Art – Fermo, palace BRECCIA – FRATADOCCHI – sponsored by PIERANTONI footwear Porto San Giorgio and Luca IACHINI footwear Castellano (exhibition only), July 28th.





2012My “Ballerina” of the ZAMPILLI di … VITA,

debuted in a show, projected on a big screen during Marco PASSIGLIA‘s show “Between me … Tenco and Gaber” in THE SHADOW OF THE COLOSSEUM, June 22nd.


2012The Pure Nature of Nature

  • Reporter Maria ARCIDIACONO – Calcata (VT), Baronale Palazzo degli Anguillara – sponsored by the Council of Culture of the town of Calcata and the Valle del Treja Park (staff), May 5th. (exhibition only)
  • Inauguration on Saturday 5 May in Calcata (VT) in the Palazzo Baronale degli Anguillara, the solo exhibition “The pure soul of nature” by Ugo Maria Cionfrini. The photographer from the Marche has long dedicated his attention to nature and in his shots it seems to want to capture the pristine essence. Whether it is the moment in which the water jets become sculptured or when the wind makes poppies dance, his eye seems careful to simply return the dialogue between nature itself and man, too often interrupted or Forgot.
    Not looking for a sophisticated and perfect image, Ugo Cionfrini uses the photographic medium with honesty and innocence, is the first to surprise discovering the small wonders that make a unique and unrepeatable moment. His spontaneous passion, devoid of virtuosic filters, gives his works a reading that ranges effortlessly between the free abstract construction and the vision of fairy-tale figures. Extremely close-up details of food, daring filiform structures of spiderwebs, colored light games, everything is observed by Cionfrini with passionate and smiling eyes; every gray and cynical daily conditioning is swept away by the freshness and wonder of those who want to tell the poetry of beauty that still fortunately surrounds us.
    M. A.



2012 – Zampilli di… Vita (Gush of … Life)

  • Text by Laura RAMOINO – Calcata (VT), art gallery Le Tele Tolte – (exhibition only), May 5th.

Editorial THE COUNTRY OF GROSSETO Sunday, May 6, 2012.


Article by Giuliana SANZANI – He publicly wanted to thank Dr. Giuliana SANZANI for the interview because he wrote by thread and sign what I told her, not omitting anything, an ethics to admire in this Italy that in ancient times could boast To have among its fellow citizens so many people of great value, the greatest of all was certainly Leonardo by VINCI, thanking you warmly for his exquisite professionalism, cordially the greeting, Ugo Maria CIONFRINI.

Jets water is figures in movement
On Saturday, May 5, two exhibitions of Ugo Maria Cionfrini will be inaugurated in Calcata (VT)
Artistic photographer, with a professionally high-profile path behind it. Her
Peculiarity is to photograph jets of water through which, with his
Fantasy and a play of lights natural, Animates and interprets shapes, figures, objects,
Animals and moving characters, employing only 1/125 seconds.

The “Zampilli di vita” exhibition will open at 5 pm
The Le Tele Tolte gallery in the street
St. John 49, while “The pure soul of nature” will be inaugurated at 18am
Baronale Anguillara Palace in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 4. Both, ad
Free admission, will be open until May 13th.

Com And where the idea of interpreting it, so differently, is that
Do we all see it as simple clutches?
(Somewhere I read that she does
Reference to an area of Rome)

Answer: I was walking in this “area of Rome, imp
I looked back in front of a with this Zampillo and my attention was drawn
Of the thousand colors dancing around him, I heard myself calling from a voice that came from “the same”
not I can explain it to words but I started to open the stand, position my
reflex camera and I started taking frames to this “living” creature that is
The water itself. At every normal shot, 1/125, I felt something inside me,
every so I looked through the viewer and could see something surprising
tooth, this zampillo It seemed to have a soul, since 2009 I have not gone to
find it …

(Ugo Maria Cionfrini)

It can explain why 2 exhibitions at Calcata and at the same time?

Answer: … I soon said I had this opportunity being invited both
From the Councilor to Culture both from the gallery and since I liked the idea for me

very original to do two contemporary personal exhibitions I put it into practice

and I have to say many people are curious about this idea as you are and it is
This is what I wanted to create “curiosity” (MY GREAT DISEASE, LA
MY LIFE IS A MAN CURIOUS) and I like to make people curse and make them
To talk about strange things that are normal to me To others are out of the ordinary,

Calcata, medieval village in the province of Viterbo in the valley of Treja, perched on
Of a cliff, is about 46 km from the bridge of Milvio bridge (along Cassia Bis)
And we recommend it as an interesting day trip.
Giuliana SANZANI

SOUTH VOCATIONS “March 2012 page 37 – FROMOR Editor’s web magazine


2011E.A.C. Artistic
– Rome. Wine-Bar CAMPONESCHI, presentation by Prof. Achille BONITO OLIVA known as ABO of the art and, Umberto SCROCCA with Vito BONGIORNO, Maurizio CANNAVACCIUOLO, Ugo Maria CIONFRINI, Baldo DIODATO, Mark KOSTABI, Franco LOSVIZZERO, Alessandro SCANNELLA, Piera SCOGNAMIGLIO (group exhibition) September 22.

2011Zampilli di … Vita – (Gush of … Life)

  • Rome, Wine-Bar CAMPONESCHI, presentation by Prof. Achille BONITO OLIVA of art and Umberto SCROCCA. Curator and text of art historian Miriam CASTELNUOVO (exhibition only), September 15


Editorial “CITY” di Rome Thursday 15 September 2011.

2011 – Zampilli di … Vita – (Gush of … Life)

  • Journalist’s text Michaela MENESTRINA – Rome, Galleria Le OPERE curator Piero ALEGIANI – sponsored by Rome Capital, Rome City Hall I, with the patronage Valentino Volkswagen Auto thanking Casale del Giglio and Marco and Rita Roscioli of the Ancient Oven Roscioli (exhibition only), May 5th.



Editorial “IL TIRRENO” Argentario 15 MAY 2011.

2009 – Metamorphosis

  • Text by Dr. Marina AMORI – Rome, Torretta VALADIER – sponsored by Roma XX (exhibition only). 3 July.


The title means that by photographing nature with the right spirit and the fantasy that brings you into the depths you will discover unexpected and real shapes that amaze the eye and heart of the artist and I am also surprised by the spectator’s view …


SOUTH VOCKS “August 2009 page 24 – FROMOR Editor’s web magazine.

2007- Virtual Food

  • London (group exhibition).

2006 – Free theme for the end of the course (with FATA Fire, Air, Earth, Water) Rome (group exhibition).

2005 – Virtual Food

  • Rome – Tiepolo (exhibition only).

2004 – Virtual Food

  • Rome – In the studio of the architects Beatrice PALMA and Franca PINCI (exhibition only).