“Il Nostro Villaggio”, June 2016

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Article that will be published on 16th June.

Who is Ugo Maria Cionfrini?
“Talking about oneself is difficult for an artist:
The one that drives it is an inner fire
But it is spoken in the tones that “hears”, risks
Inevitably appear “over the lines”!
Who I am? I have done artistic studies and, since the age of
I was eleven years old with my first one
Kodak Instamatic Camera,
Taking oblique photographs to make that happen
Resuming subjects had a men-
Higher than the same square as the
Tograph, making it diagonal appeared
A natural perspective with escape points. ”
For her, photography is a delight in the soul or
what more?


Something more is my air, it gives me the charge to go
Forward in this world not very fit to my way
To be … pure.
“In addition to working in Unicredit, I continued in the years a
Cultivate my hobby that in 2004 became
Something more professional, my friend suggested me
To do an exhibition, it was a success with compliments from
International level photographers.
I presented myself as my first idea entitled “Virtual Food”:
Before and after cooking, dishes cooked by me,
Photographed in macro, that is very close with grains of
Big rice like a banana. I think a photographer-
Artist and curious. For this innate curiosity, I have
Pre-shot with the Reflex to fix environments, colors,
Characters that hit my soul. ”
It illustrates the symbolism and depth of “Water Zampillo”.
I was walking in this “area of Rome, when al-
Suddenly I saw before me this dumbbell and mine
Attention was drawn to the many colors that danced in-
I came back to him and … I heard myself calling from a voice,
Came from the “same”. It’s not easy to explain it in words.
I opened the stand, put my Reflex and started shooting
Of frames to this “living” creature, which is water
Every time I heard something inside me, every now and then
I looked through the viewer and saw something in the
taking. This dick seemed to have a soul.
I did not go to find it anymore.


Photographic technology made
I can transpose my
Which I tried in an “objective” way
And allowed me to share them
To send them.
Great was my satisfaction
When, in the many exhibitions
In which my creatures, I saw in
The eyes of the visitors the same amazement
That I felt and feel.
My hope (or illusion?) Is that
Even that attitude of curio-
Life and its life
Hidden aspects that contradict me
Stingue and that is the soul of my la-
You might want to get into those who are there
Some notes that visitors
Have affixed to exhibitions, in
Guest books, may serve as a
– “A photographic celebration of the
Life born of water … ”
A. and P.
– “Wow! A 3rd Technology Wool
Millennium that interprets water
Symbol of life! ”
– “The water with a thousand muddy forms and
It suits you, you stop it instantly
Of the eternal present! ”
A. E.
– “in the lightness of the water … the
Complexity of the form that breathes “.
– “Congratulations on the originality that
Is the most important thing. The new ones
Ideas are always the most valid from
“Artistic” point of view.
– “It’s not easy to grasp
The core of the elements: beyond the den-
The earth and the water behind the
Flame of fire and through the
Wind shapes, just the eye a lot
Attentive is able to perceive this
That the common eye can not
Even to see.
God preserves your sensitivity, yours
Special, profound vision of this


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