today my friend Fabio sent me an email for a competition …

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I only wanted to participate because He thought I could participate …


for the FONDAZIONE FRANCESCO FABBRI Competition on online registration

Ugo Cionfrini, adds his middle name Maria

under his art pseudonym Ugo Maria Cionfrini.


graduated from the Art School, he began photographing with his American Kodak at the age of eleven, taking pictures obliquely to create a suggestive perspective and at the same time to enclose a larger image in it. In middle school, at the De Coubertin experimental school in Rome, he also tried his hand at black and white printing.

In 2004 he began to enter the art market by making exhibitions, to make the whole world participate in his discoveries inherent in nature and also in everyday life.

From October 2005 to May 2006 he attended the professional photography course “From the basics to digital” of Nikon Italy at the photographic agency VISION Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 11 – 00161 Rome and, at the same time, attended the Macro Course of photographer Riccardo POLINI.

In June 2007 he took part in a photographic course in Camargue, organized by Nikon with the photographer Guido BISSATTINI.

In 2009 – He attended a four-month course at the ROMAN SCHOOL of PHOTOGRAPHY in via degli Ausoni, 7 now moved to via Giosuè Borsi, 18, now moved to Via di Pietralata, 157 Rome

“Ugo Maria Cionfrini is best known for his pioneering work in capturing animated figures inside a gush of water. He is considered the first artist to discover that, in the water, a person can see figures of various shapes, such as animals (cobras, elephants, T-Rex etc) and people (Dancer). ”

“He is looking for the unusual … he likes to discover facts and things he has never seen or noticed before, getting help from his Heart, everything comes naturally … spontaneously”

Online registration

they sent me a reply email:

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