Thought by Dr. Giorgio Bertozzi curator of Art

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” Visionary ” … is the adjective that best suits Ugo Maria Cionfrini

a real poet of the camera who, in his hand,

it becomes an extension having the same value as the romantic pen in the hand of a writer.

In the same way as the poet, who draws words from the immense dictionary of his own language,

action that anyone could perform, Ugo Maria sees poetic images in the world around him

that go beyond what is commonly seen, beyond appearance.

On the point of the poet’s pen the words take on, as they are unraveled,

the sense of contemplation, deepening, description and explanation

that the writer wants to transfer us as it happens to the images captured by Ugo Maria,

supplemented by titles that become an inseparable part of it such as the pronoun and verb of the Manzonian word: Ei fu.

In this, Ugo Maria Cionfrini, is visionary in that he gives us his foresight

through showing us innovative perspectives of the world around us.

This, if we want to identify it, is the guiding thread of the artistic production of our “Poet”.

Some serial visions, such as the evocative jets of known forms become the confirmed and consolidated confirmation of his talent.