Water sculptures … according to prof. Stefano PAPETTI director of the Pinacoteca of Ascoli Piceno (WRITTEN SCREENS FOR NOT BEING SUCCESSFUL even if not for my own fault not to write down his critique of the book published MONDADORI)

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  • I have to insert the press release of prof. Stefano PAPETTI asking him HUMILY sorry, but it was not my fault because in the published book MONDADORI was not entirely included his thoughts on me – I had sent it in full (LOGICALLY) but, someone had the great idea to cut the press release in the part (above all) more significant of my creations, thanks to all.


  • Water sculptures … according to prof. Stefano PAPETTI director of the Pinacoteca di Ascoli Piceno


Press release

The water has always competed in various ways in the creation of suggestive plastic shapes, modeling the rock with its slow flowing or driping drop after drop to make it assume anthropomorphic forms: but water also contributed to the success of some of the most Stunning creations of the Baroque age, as evidenced by the scenic fountains conceived by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and its eighteenth-century epigones for some of the most beautiful squares in Rome.

Can you imagine the Fountain of the Four Rivers, that of the Triton or, finally, the Trevi Fountain, without water intervening with its sound and its bright effects to make the images sculpted in marble so amazing? Variably modulated thanks to the ability of hydraulic pipes directed by a skilled director, water is made to form large fans that overlap the plastic images modeled by the Bernini or create thin bushes that, bathed in bathtub tub, make it bright and vibrant The sculptural dynamics created by the artist: neither the musical component produced by the water, whose sounds, similar to those generated by an instrument, will be underestimated, creating an auditory suggestion that enhances the theatricality of sculptural apparatus. (INSERTED PART).

Ever accustomed to the careful consideration of the city in which he studied, Ugo Maria Cionfrini has set in some memorable photographic images the discharge of water from the jet of a Roman fountain: as he himself admits, it is always the same fountain as If the “artistic potential” of the water can only be expressed in that place, where seemingly imponderable aspects, such as the force of the jet or the movement produced by the air, can produce situations that are impossible elsewhere.

Fixing for a long time with the aim of releasing liquid from the jet, Cionfrini has been able to stop liquid shapes that recall animals and recognizable figures: dogs, such as carlino, terranova, poodle and pitt-bull or birds like germano or More exotic forms such as those of the elephant and the bear, come to mind by carefully watching the arrangement of water that seems to correspond to a precise design born of the mind of a genial creator. With his photographs, Cionfrini fixes images that disappear within a moment, so that they can capture in the water zoomorphic or anthropomorphic shapes that exist only if they are photographed: so is photography to eternate the solutions Plastics otherwise lost, overwhelmed by the liquidity of the generating matter and the force of gravity.


One has to wonder if Ugo Maria Cionfrini is only a lucky photographer who has had the chance to seize what escapes the distracted eye of the passer, or if he is not an artist with a particular sensibility and a creative ability expressing Through previously unpublished modes. Of course we propose this second hypothesis.