WE HAVE HOSPITAL-PHOTOGRAPHY: LIFE PUSHES Article by Ugo Maria Cionfrini – Guest Guest of La Lampadina.

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Article by Ugo Maria Cionfrini – Guest Guest of La Lampadina.

My friend Beppe Zezza – in fact he is my mother’s friend, a matter of registry – is my esteem. He enrolled me among the recipients of the Bulbul’s newsletter and are months that “tamps” asking me to write an article describing my artistic inspiration. “The Light Bulb” – he says, and I must recognize it with reason – always dedicates a space to art and is therefore a suitable place. “

But talking about oneself is difficult for an artist: what drives him is an “inner fire” but talking to him in the tones he “feels” inevitably rises to appear “over the lines”!

For friendship with Beppe, I try.

Who I am? A photographer. A photographer is curious. For this innate curiosity, when free from the (harsh) commitments that life imposes for the necessity of bringing together bread and something else, I have always turned with the Reflex to fix environments, colors, characters that impressed my imagination.

One day I found myself in front of a fountain and I began to look at the water bubble and there was a “strange” fact: my attention was attracted to the colors that played around To him and I felt like a voice, coming from the “same” he called me. Then I took the Reflex, mounted the tripod and started shooting. The zampillo was no more inert matter but a living creature that took new and fantastic aspects from time to time. Awesome and … exciting thing.

Photographic technology has made it possible to translate the emotions I have tried in an “objective” way and allowed me to share and convey them. Great is my satisfaction when, in the numerous exhibitions in which I have exposed the best of my shots, I see in the eyes of the visitors the same amazement I felt and try.

My hope (or illusion?) Is that the attitude of curiosity regarding the life and its hidden aspects that distinguishes me and that is the soul of my work can be transfigured in those who look at them.

Some notes that visitors have attached to exhibitions in sign-books may serve as an example: “I have found what your eye has seen and reinterpreted for those who do not see!” “In the millennium of a second is the” Form “of nature”. “Only a very careful eye is able to perceive what the common eye can not even see.”

In the image attached to this article I give you an idea of what I do ..

At my next show you will be all invited! To see and … comment.

Ugo Maria Cionfrini