next publication of my first paper book but, very calmly, nobody goes after me …

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2017 – For the moment I will dedicate soul and body to the publication of my book, (FOR THE MOMENT I AM STILL) I do not have time sincerely want to exhibit at the fairs … I did it because they gave me the chance to do it without paying the last part … If I They will propose interesting places “we will see”, but I prefer not to show my works to the general public, thanks to everyone!

Sorry but, from now on if I have to participate in some collective or personal I will want a contract with specified “everything” instead with the last collective at the museum I have not asked for anything trusting and I did wrong as usual they did not enter the NAME OF THE PARTICIPANTS AT THE COLLECTIVE even on the invitation on the Museum website it is as if we did not exist … and until the end of 2020 (Now 19 January 2020 at 16:55 I have decided that until the end of 2021) I will definitely not take a euro on any sales (LOGICALLY THE PART THAT WILL RETURN ME ‘by law) because since 2014 I have evolved them for a * TARGETED BENEFICIENCY * that is, I will go in person to give them ” BREVI MANU ” to those who really do not arrive at the end of the month, thanks to everyone for their understanding.


I will start to work to achieve it from 2021 when I will finally be a free man, Hurray for art !!!