next publication of my first paper book but, very calmly, nobody goes after me …

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 For the moment he will dedicate himself body and soul to the publication of his book,

he made all the exhibitions because they gave him the opportunity to do them without paying (IN PRINCIPLE BECAUSE HE SAYS THAT IF ONE PAYS, ALL ARE GOOD) … If they offered him interesting places “he’ll see” otherwise he prefers not to show his works at large public, thank you all!

Sorry but, from now on, if you have to participate in any collective or personal, you will want a contract with specified “everything”

instead with the last collective exhibition at the museum he did not expect anything, trusting and hurt as usual THEY HAVE NOT INSERTED THE NAMES OF THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE COLLECTIVE even on the invitation in the on the site of the Museum it is as if they did not exist …



I will start working hard to make it happen from 2021 when I will finally be a free man,