I insert these thoughts of a relative of mine that I did not personally know … now gone to heaven by his grandfather and my father “Three great people”

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While looking for news about my father, he saw that there was a profile on his face book that spoke of him.

(I insert the last part of his letter that talks about me … certainly a very sensitive woman).

Thank you for your attention in reading this long letter. Turning to an artist, it reassured me that I knew I was exposing traits of personal life to a human being. I strongly believe in relationships between people and absolutely zero in sterile relationships between people and things, an end in themselves.
Owning in order to possess does not belong to me: loving a place “overflowing” life lived as if it were still inhabited by those who strongly wanted it for their family, is something else!

I discovered it by looking for news about your father and I found an artist in the real sense of the term, which in a sincere and completely natural way gives others your personal reading of the world. This is very rare!

I am not on Fb and I saw what I could of your art, even on your site.

Cuckoo-settete is, for me, of infinite, immediate tenderness and perfect purity, closed in on itself.

The first is the fifth of the Autumn series (from below) are living pictures; you could remain upturned for hours with the feeling of being able to go up and get closer and closer to all that blue at the top: it is really a place to get lost …

It also happens to me to lose myself looking at the lines that repeat themselves in nature; it happened to me again this summer, in Galicia, I was with my feet “soaking” not far from the shore with a simple mobile phone in my hand and … I got lost in photographing (besides my feet – a recurring motif!) the surface of the water slightly rippled by small waves that repeated themselves with the same rhythm, therefore also in space. The result was a slightly wavy carpet of sand through the almost total transparency of the water. Beautiful!

I like your personal essentiality in reading the forms that surprise you in nature, giving them back pure and new. He is a poet of natural reading, in two words. Being able to grasp with the utmost simplicity the beauty of the forms that surround us and include us and read them in an essential, poetic (in the sense of immediate image) personal way is what every human being should be able to do, simply by living, and which are sure many other living beings, unbeknownst to us, do by nature. I don’t think fantasy is an exclusively human prerogative!

I was happy to meet you through your images … and I am also pleased to think that we are also “a little” relatives, finding myself in your way of “feeling” and experiencing what surrounds us. I wish you every good for your artistic career-life, because it is only with the Heart that you proceed … whatever the inclination, natural instinct, talent that animates us and makes us live, each with its own splendid uniqueness.
A cordial greeting and a hug
Barbara Carla Maria Zampaloni